SteamSpeed Billet Adjustable Wastegate Pro

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SteamSpeed Billet Adjustable Wastegate Pro - FA20 DIT

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Product Code: FA-WG-PRO
Brand: SteamSpeed Turbochargers

Introducing the SteamSpeed Wastegate Pro for Subaru WRX 2015+.  This is a direct replacement for the OEM unit, and also an upgrade to our standard billet actuator for our FA20 turbos. This actuator comes preloaded at 0.8 bar, but it is also compatible with the Turbosmart IWG75+'s springs should you need to target other preloads

Managing the wastegate is one of the fundamental aspects of tuning a turbocharged car.  Most tuners tune cars in this basic sequence: 1. adjust fuel (air fuel ratio) to your AFR target, 2. adjust waste gate duty cycle (boost target), and adjust timing.  The wastegate actuator then is essential part of hitting your target boost level.  A great actuator and boost controller will make hitting your boost target much more attainable for your tuner and with therefore help you have a tune more successful tune.  Our standard SteamSpeed actuator works well and gets the job done with added adjustability, but our pro version does all of that and much more.


The SteamSpeed Wastegate Pro is an upgrade over our standard billet adjustable wastegate actuator.  It has a these main advantages:

1. the ring screws off the cap by hand instead of having to remove bolts with an allen wrench.  This means you can change the springs with the actuator one the turbo instead of the bench by hand.  Awesome for quick adjustments on the dyno.

2. It has a new mechanical design that is much more resistant to backpressure.  It won't open unless there is boost on the barb.  In contrast, the standard actuator relies on the spring pressure to keep the flapper closed in a much more direct way.

3. If you are running a lower flowing boost controller where you normally have to have more duty cycle, this actuator will let you run a much lower preload and still hit your tuner's boost target.

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