Steam STX Turbochargers Perform

We design our turbo to perform.  We use 9-blade low-inertia turbines, which are 30% lighter and have more surface area than the 12-blade alternative, resulting in very quick spool characteristics and excellent top-end capability.  Where the 12-blade turbine becomes a restrictor at high rpms, our 9-blade turbine continues to breath even up towards redline.  

Our compressor wheels are made of billet aluminum, cut on 5-axis cnc machinery for strength and low mass.  We match them to the turbine that our engineering demonstrates will compliment them well.  All of our CHRA's are balanced using the best Schenck balancers available.  The results are outstanding.  See below.

STX 67 on E85

STX 67 on E85

STX 67 on E85 Tune Video



STX 71 on 91 pump gas

STX 71 91 Octane



STX 20G-R on 91 pump gas

Steam STX 20g-r on 91 pump gas